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Fondo negro

Para athlete, Hollywood actress, runway model Kanya Sesser is an unstoppable force! 

Found on the side of a road and now shredding mountain slopes, skateboarding and appearing in Hollywood films: Athlete, actress and model Kanya Sesser shows how to have it all! 

From being abandoned in Thailand on the side of the road as a baby to competing as an international multi-sport athlete and starring in Hollywood blockbusters, Sesser says unconditional self-confidence is the key to her success. Kanya has won second place in women’s street adaptive, went to the X games for adaptive skate, has her own skateboard deck model and has competed in the Paralympics in 2011 as the 3rd fastest women in the world and in the World Cup in Switzerland 2010, she shows that anything is possible! 

A skateboarder, snowboarder, actress and runway model, Kanya Sesser has proven that even the humblest beginnings cannot hold one back from enjoying a full life.

Never at a loss of things to do, Sesser's advice for those who want a full lifestyle like hers is simple:

“Start off by putting you first. Start off by asking what do you want? There is one lifetime because life is not guaranteed, and the thing that I would regret the most is not living my fullest life. When I die, my only regret would be not trying to live life fully how I want to and filling myself with things that I want to do.” -Kanya Sesser

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